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Friday, August 2, 2013

Enter your Facebook post status in blue color more easily

Facebook post your status in blue color even more easily. Many people write in blue color status Usually  @+[1:[0:1:Your Text]]  by this method.
You can write by this method.
@+[1:[0:1:Your Text]] This method to implement, you need to have write 12 word. That means @+[1:[0:1:Your Text]]  "Your text" i have mention on this code. This will your text and it will blue color. For many people 12 word to remember little bit difficult. So, I am going to share with you How you can post status in blue color more easily.

Here the trick You can make blue color status just need 1 word to implement.

Which you want to write post status in blue color before putting it #

For example: #post your Facebook status in blue color" Then press enter. Your post has been blue. 

Saturday, July 6, 2013

How to know facebook fake profile with 2 step. 2nd step much more important

Hello guys.This is my new blog i created it a few days ago and i decided to post in this blog for     helping some  of you guys. so, i am gonna talk about facebook fake profile. here are 2 steps below i mentioned.

step 1:  You should know,  why people made fake profile?
          for fun.
          for spam.
          for hacked facebook id.
          for knowing personality

          1. if you see facebook profile one pictures of the owner.
          2. If you see in  the facebook  too friends for short time
          3. If you see in the facebook  born date start with  01-01 or 01-12
         4. facebook privacy open for all people

 step 2: Now you can try this. this is the best process is important and better than first step more helpfully to know facebook fake profile. download the pictures who is the owner of the facebook account, you can download only the main picture and save it on your computer.
Now go to google search and click on images option

The icon of camera click on it and upload your facebook friend of the profile picture. you downloaded

and now you can see the profile pictures every where if the profile is fake and the facebook account owner taken from anywhere on the internet. 

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see you next time with new something.